Monday, September 10, 2018

Question: Dengue and eye


Q) In Dengue, all are seen w.r.t eye except:-

1) Cataract
2) Optic neuritis
3) Vitreous hemorrhage
4) Maculopathy

So, you basically cannot solve above problem if you don't know which portion dengue affects in eye.

Dengue affects posterior portion of the eye. So accordingly answer is
Cataract-Option 1

Some basics to cover over here.

Eyeball is divided into two segments or portion.

Anterior segment: Cornea to lens.
Volume - 0.31mL of Aqueous humor.

Posterior segment: Lens to retina.
Volume - 4mL of Vitreous humor.

Anterior segment is divided into two parts:-

Anterior chamber: Cornea to iris.
Volume- 0.25mL of Aqueous humor

Posterior chamber: Iris to lens.
Volume- 0.06mL of Aqueous humor

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