Monday, September 10, 2018

Transcription : A mnemonic to remember the RNA Polymerases

Here's a short mnemonic post for you!

Transcription is the process by which the DNA is converted into an RNA transcript ( Literally - the DNA is transcribed or written out as an RNA sequence).

The key enzyme needed for this process is RNA Polymerase.

In Eukaryotes , there are 3 different RNA Polymerases subtypes depending on which RNA they help code for. 

We know that Ribo Nucleic Acids or RNA can be mRNA - Messenger RNA , tRNA or Transfer RNA , rRNA - Ribsomal RNA or one of the small nuclear RNAs - micro RNA - miRNA / siRNA.

Here's a mnemonic to memorize which RNA Polymerase codes for which of these -

Mnemonic - R MIS T5 (Read as R Mistify)

RNA Polymerase I = rRNA
RNA Polymerase II = mRNA, miRNAs , siRNAs
RNA Polymerase III = tRNA , 5S rRNA

This form of RNA specificity is not found on the Prokaryotes - and they have just one RNA Polymerase that bears it all , for all types of RNA !

This has been a quick summary of transcription and a helpful mnemonic for you!

Hope was helpful.
Stay awesome !
Happy Studying!

~ A.P.Burkholderia

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