Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Question: Rhinosporidiosis.

In rhinosporidiosis, the following is true:-
1) Fungal granuloma
2) Grayish mass
3) Surgery is the treatment
4) Radiotherapy is treatment
Answer in 24 hours!

Correct option is 3 - Surgery is the treatment.

Let's know more about rhinosporidiosis.
It is a chronic granulomatous disease caused by "Rhinosporidium seeberi" affecting both humans and animals. Earlier it was considered to be fungal in origin but now it is considered to be Aquatic protozoa.

Life cycle: It occurs in three stages.

1) Trophic stage: In this stage, the individual cell is called as trophocyte.
It has following features
-One chitinous wall
-Clear cytoplasm
-Nucleus along with nucleolus
Now trophocyte starts dividing and froms a colony. This colony is packed inside a sac called as "Sporangium". The trophocyte inside is called as "Endospores"

2) Sporangium stage:

Sporangium, unlike earlier stage is lined by two membranes
-Outer Chitinous
-Inner Cellulose layer

3) Endospore release:

The endospores present inside exerts pressure on the sporangium and this leads to rupture of the sporangium. Released endospores acts as trophocyte further.
Mode of transmission:
Water contaminated by diseased animals.

Clinical features:

Most common sites involved: Nose and nasopharynx.
Other sites like lips, palate etc can also get affected.
In nose it is present as - leafy, polypoidal mass, pink to purple in color.
Can extent upto soft palate.
Bleeds easily on touching. So, we can also see blood tinged discharge.

Diagnosis: Biopsy 


Complete excision with diathermy knife and cauterization of its base.

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