Wednesday, January 2, 2019

In short: Vasopressin in the ICU


Here are some quick points + mnemonics on Vasopressin!

1. Effects are preserved during hypoxia and severe acidosis and catecholamine-resistant states.

Mnemonic: Vasopressin presses when other pressors can't press the vasculature anymore.

2. Vasopressin decreases norepinephrine requirement.

3. Onset: fast, offset: fast.
Mnemonic: VasopressIN is IN and OUT fast.

4. It is often weaned off last in patients on multiple pressors for the same reason.

5. Used in:
- Refractory hypotension (potentiates the actions of over vasoconstrictors)
- Esophageal variceal bleed
- Cardiac arrest
Non ICU indications: vWD, DI, hemophilia

That's all!


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