Thursday, January 3, 2019

Lifestyle modifications for managing hypertension

Hey guys,

Happy New Year!

Let's get started on lifestyle modifications for treating or managing hypertension.

We Decide to Eat less Salt & drink less Alcohol!

Weight loss: Reduce BMI to <25 
DASH: Diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fat and total fat
Exercise: 30minutes/day for 5-6 days/week
Dietary Sodium: <3 g/day
Alcohol: 2 drinks/day in men and 1 drink/day in women

The effect of these interventions is in descending order, with weight loss having an impact of about 5-20 mmHg lowering per 10 kg weight loss and reducing alcohol intake can lower BP by 2-4 mmHg!

Remember: If a patient's BMI is already lower than 25, you don't have to ask them to reduce weight any further for this therapeutic effect. Instead, you ask them to switch over to DASH diet!

Hope this is helpful!

Stay awesome!

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