Thursday, February 21, 2019

Bohan and Peter Criteria for diagnosing DM-PM

Bohan and Peter in 1975 defined DM and PM based upon the following features :

●Symmetric proximal muscle weakness

●Typical cutaneous eruption of DM (the only feature distinguishing DM from PM)

●Elevated serum muscle enzymes

●Myopathic changes on EMG

●Characteristic muscle biopsy abnormalities and the absence of histopathologic signs of other myopathies

Patients with the cutaneous eruption and at least three of the other four criteria met the requirements for definite DM according to these criteria, while requirements for definite PM were met by those with all four criteria other than the cutaneous features . Patients with findings indicating the presence of other disorders that may present similarly were excluded. Patients who did not meet these criteria but who lacked any of the exclusions could potentially have been diagnosed with possible or probable DM or PM, depending upon the number of criteria met.

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