Saturday, February 16, 2019

Classification Criteria for Peripheral Spondyloarthritis

For classification as having peripheral SpA, the patient should NOT have concurrent inflammatory back pain. In that case, the axial SpA criteria should be used. However, inflammatory back pain in the past is considered as a contributing SpA feature. There are two steps in the algorithm for classifying peripheral SpA:

The entry step is that the patient should have, at the time of being seen, at least one of the following three findings:


●Enthesitis (spontaneous pain or tenderness at any enthesis)


If the patient satisfies the entry criteria, the patient should show (or have had in the past) at least one of the features of SpA in Group A (below) or at least two of the features of SpA in group B (below):

●Group A SpA features:

•Uveitis – Confirmed by an ophthalmologist

•Psoriasis – Diagnosed by a clinician

•Crohn disease or ulcerative colitis – Diagnosed by a clinician

•Preceding infection – Urethritis/cervicitis or diarrhea within one month prior to onset of arthritis/enthesitis/dactylitis


•Sacroiliitis on imaging

●Group B SpA features:

•Arthritis – Diagnosed by a clinician

•Enthesitis – Diagnosed by a clinician

•Dactylitis – Diagnosed by a clinician

•Inflammatory back pain in the past

•Family history of SpA – Presence in first- or second-degree relatives of AS and acute uveitis

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