Saturday, February 16, 2019

How to Define Inflammatory Back Pain

●Inflammatory back pain – Several criteria have been proposed for defining IBP ; we use the "ASAS [Assessment of SpondyloArthritis International Society] expert criteria" to identify patients with IBP . The criteria for IBP are met if at least four of the following five features are present and IBP is described as "suggested" in the presence of three of five features:

•Onset of back discomfort before the age of 40 years

•Insidious onset

•Improvement with exercise

•No improvement with rest

•Pain at night (with improvement upon arising)

The presence of four of the five features listed above has a sensitivity and specificity of 80 and 74 percent, respectively, for an inflammatory cause of the back pain among patients with chronic back pain of unclear origin and onset of the back pain at <45 years of age who were evaluated by local rheumatologists . However, when IBP is present, and considered independently of other factors, the probability of AS among patients with chronic back pain increases only from 5 percent to 14 to 16 percent .

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