Friday, February 22, 2019

Difference Between Solitary and Singular Brain Metastasis.

Hello Guys!
So we were operating on a metastatic brain lesion the other day when My Consultant happened to ask me the question-  " What is the difference between Solitary and Singular Brain Metastasis?" Well I happened to have a vague idea and managed to blabber something, the actual definition goes as-
• A solitary brain metastasis is defined as the only known metastasis of a tumour in the whole body which happens to be
localised in the central nervous system.
• A singular brain metastasis is defined as a single cerebral metastasis with additional metastases in other organ systems.
Well it's a small nugget, may save you some embarrassing moments.
Let's Learn Together!
-Medha Vyas.

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