Friday, February 22, 2019

Simpson's Grading for Brain Tumors.

Hello Everyone!
So my Neurosurgery residency diaries continue and I continue sharing as I learn.
Learnt about the Grades of Tumor resection while operating on a Glioma.

These are Simpsons Grades of Tumor resection and are correlated as the degree of surgical resection completeness with with symptomatic recurrence. 

Grade I-complete removal including resection of underlying bone and associated dura.
9% symptomatic recurrence at 10 years

Grade II-complete removal and coagulation of dural attachment.
19% symptomatic recurrence at 10 years

Grade III-complete removal without resection of dura or coagulation.
29% symptomatic recurrence at 10 years

Grade IV-subtotal resection of the tumor.
44% symptomatic recurrence at 10 years

Grade V-simple decompression with or without biopsy
100% symptomatic recurrence at 10 years.

That was it!

Let's Learn Together!
-Medha Vyas 

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