Saturday, February 23, 2019

Standing up & speaking out - 2

Hello people

I am glad for your support. In reality when I first chose to speak up about it , I knew none would support me, I mean why would they.
They all had nothing to gain, but a lot to loose.

I have been with my guide for a long time , there were instances which would seem impossible, I mean how can one do this?
How can someone stoop this low ?

We students were in-charge of her ot slippers. Sketchers worth 2k. As soon as the operation theatre ended we had to keep track of getting it washed and keeping it in her locker.
The ambulance was her personal vehicle, ANC and paediatric patients were made to wait for hours, while the ambulance was used to get her tiffin, drop her students at school.

Whenever she had interviews, we were asked to wear new coats and wait outside her office, and come in one by one , while the camera was rolling and ask her questions and doubts.

The operatives where we would put our hand and leg on the weighing scale to increase the weight of the tumour.

None of this can be proved but it all happened.
Her students passed out years before all have gone through this.
We were like her jewellery to make her look pretty in public , and we were thrown away and stepped on in private.

But I can't take it anymore, and I feel anger and despair that how did I even allow her to treat me like this.
This is a shout out to all those times

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