Thursday, March 28, 2019

Burkitt’s Lymphoma types

There are three types of Burkitt’s Lymphoma: Endemic (African), Sporadic  (non-endemic) and immunodeficiency-associated.

Endemic Burkitt’s lymphoma most commonly involves the maxilla and/or mandible; however, abdominal organs may also be involved. A tumor can double in size in 18 hours. Presentation is commonly with swelling of the affected jaw bones and rapidly enlarging, non-tender lymph nodes in the neck or jaw.

Sporadic BL usually involves the abdominal organs, most frequently the distal ileum, caecum or mesentery. Presentation is commonly with abdominal mass/swelling and ascites, intestinal obstruction or intususception.

Immunodeficiency-associated BL tends to present in a similar way to the Sporadic BL.

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