Saturday, August 24, 2019

Being street-smart during interviews: Apps/Websites

We all like free money $$$, don’t we? Doctors, engineers or any other profession you can think of! These days, we are living in a world which is full of apps and nearly all of us have smartphones. What if I tell you that you can use your phone to make money just by doing what you normally do?
Well, these apps and websites are really useful to save money, get some of your money back, get cash and to redeem many offers!

1- Google rewards
A very simple app by Google in which you have to answer a survey and get money from that. For Iphone users, you can redeem each 2 dollars or let them accumulate (survey value can be as low as 10 cents up to 50- 60 cents or even more). For Android users, you can use the money to buy apps/rent movies ..etc in Play Store.
 It is said online that when you go to new places the app may send you more surveys. Keep your location service turned on. The process may take sometime but anyway, you lose nothing, it’s free :D
Go download the app from App store or Play store now!

Ibotta is one of the available rebate apps. Check the offers in the app, tick them and then buy the thing you need from available places- whether online via the app or in-store-. Nearly all the superstores (Walmart, Kroger, Target) and famous online stores (Amazon) are there. You can redeem your money after you accumulate 20 dollars via Vimeo or PayPal. You get money when you refer friends and you all may get money when you all work as one team!
Here is the link for the app, let us make one big team :D
(better to open the phone using your phone directly)

3- Sweatcoin
As this app advertises itself: “It pays to walk”. This amaaazing app converts your steps into “sweatcoins”. You can use your sweatcoins to redeem many offers through the apps. As of now, one of the offers is an iphone XS or a 1000$ cash if you collect 20000 sweatcoins in 2 years! Offers include small electronics, clothes, music services...etc.
This app can be your friend during the whole match journey as well as when you go to the gym, you ll collect these coins without even trying :D more thing, when you refer anyone, both of you will get 5 sweatcoins so use the link below to download it..Get 5 sweatcoins for free and refer your friends.
This app will literally encourages you to “move it move it”

4- MileagePlus X (from United)
One of the best apps to travel for free! When you collect 10K or 12.5K miles through this app, you can simply book a flight for free using the miles you earned!
Many merchants are included within this app (Starbucks, Airbnb, The Home Depot, Uber, Walmart, Under Armour..etc). Just buy a gift card through the app and use it to pay at these places whether in-store or online. Miles range from as low as 0.5 Mile per each dollar spent to 12 Miles per dollar with some offers time limited. Before buying from any store, check this app and see if you can get some miles :)
The app also has MileagePlus dining which will give you miles when you eat in participating restaurants! Treat yourself and your stomach and get some free miles :D

5- Google Express
This nice app from google will not let give you money per se but it will help you in comparing the price of one product between different stores (Walmart, Target..etc). It comes with a cool 20$ (up to 20$) off your first purchase through the app.

6- Retailmenot and Slickdeals
These 2 websites will have deals and coupons for different things. Check them, crop or copy the coupon, buy for less.

7--Honey (extension)
Add this extension to your browser and it ll look for any working coupon that your can use when you are doing your online shopping on Amazon.

Let me know if you know other apps that should be added to this list!

-Murad :)

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