Thursday, August 22, 2019

Human milk bank

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Update for community medicine:-

Because some infants could not be fed by their mothers (early demise of mothers or chronic illness), humans have adopted substitute feedings.

1.Human breast milk bank (recent advance)

2.Infant formula feed

3.Fortified human milk for premature infants

The MoHFW launched the National Human Milk Bank at Lady Hardinge Medical College-the first government-run human milk bank, and at present, the country’s largest.

The human milk bank and lactation counselling centre, 'Vatsalya - Maatri Amrit Kosh', will collect, pasteurise, test and store milk donated by lactating mothers and make it available for infants in need.

Aanchal, the mother’s milk bank established in 18 district government hospitals of Rajasthan.

Beneficiaries will mainly be premature babies (born below 32 weeks of gestation) and IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) infants.

Following is the link for further read and research :-

Key guidelines for human milk bank

Recent news article on human milk bank

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