Monday, November 18, 2019

Hyperkalemia and hypokalemia causes mnemonics


Causes of HYPERKALEMIA mnemonic:
- HYpo-aldosteronism
- Poisoning of Digitalis
- Excess intake (oral/IV)
- Renal failure (A/C)
- Renal Tubular Acidosis type-4
- K-sparing diuretics
- Acidosis
- Lysis of tumor syndrome
- Endocrine (Addison's disease)
- Marked thrombocytosis
- Insulin deficiency
- ACE inhibitors

Causes of HYPOKALEMIA mnemonic:
- HYperaldosteronism
- Periodic paralysis
- Obstruction of intestines (vomiting)
- K(C)ushing's syndrome
- ALkalosis
- Adenoma (villous)
- Excretion excess (diuretics)
- Magnesium loss
- Insulin (high-dose)
- Acidosis of renal tubules.

Also check out ECG changes in hyperkalemia and hypokalemia

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Hope it helps
- Jaskunwar Singh

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