Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Authors' diary: Battling jealousy


I read comment on YouTube recently, "There are people who don't even share their notes and there are people like you who help others with their work..."

I know that feeling. It stems from a number of negative emotions. One of them is jealousy or envy - The intolerance in seeing someone else succeed more than you.

But we have to constantly keep battling the dark side.  Replace fear, anger, greed, pride and jealousy with love, peace, contentment, humility and hope.

Here is what my spiritual parent taught me, "The advice of mine to you is comprehensive: undertake only those deeds that if others were to follow in your footsteps in doing them, you would be pleased."
and, "Prefer for all people what you prefer for yourself."

Always wish the best for others... If sharing your notes will make others get better scores than you, why not share your notes? :)

Keep spreading the light!


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