Sunday, December 29, 2019

Mnemonic for Antibodies in SLE & it's Clinical Importance

Hi everyone!

Here is a hack.

ANA = All Negative Absent = All Positive identified = Highest Sensitivity ( So best Screening Test ) 

Anti dsDNA = Disease Severity 

Anti Sm = Specific Most

Anti RNP = Raynaud & Polymyositis ( MCTD )

Anti Histone = Drug-induced SLE ( Like histone drugs used in T cell lymphoma ) 

Anti Ribosomal P = Psychosis / Depression 

Anti Ro La = "Scar A & B  on wall decreased by NEROLAc Paint" = Decrease Risk of Nephritis 

Anti Ro = "ROCK BLOCK" = Congenital Heart BLOCK in Neonates 

Anti Ro = SS- A & Anti La = SS-B
"AB" = RoLa

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