Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Facebook: Wolffian duct

Q1) Ejaculatory duct in males develops from 
A) Ureteric bud
B) Mesonephric duct
C) Wolffian duct
D) Paramesonephric duct


Answer to this question is Option C) Wolffian duct.
But isn't Wolffian duct also called as Mesonephric duct ? So can you pick option B instead of option C?
Well, unless your exam allows multiple answers to be correct, do not pick 'Mesonephric duct'. Here is why?

The mesonephros gives mesonephric duct which opens in the Urogenital Sinus and forms trigone of the bladder. Mesonephric duct also gives ureteric bud to the Metanephros to form Renal system.
Now after this has happened, the Mesonephric duct will be called as Wolffian Duct which forms the internal genital organs and in females, disappears.

That's it!
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