Friday, January 31, 2020

Advice to young doctors

It is okay to disagree with another physician and acknowledge differences in the style of practicing medicine. Medicine is not black and white. Develop your own preferences based on evidence and experience.

A truly experienced physician understands the intricacies of medicine and will not criticize another physician for a decision they made under a different clinical circumstance with the information they had available.

A physician who second guesses themselves and critically analyzes their decisions retrospectively and prospectively are better than those who are over-confident about their diagnosis and management. Think about the decisions you make.

If you ever come across a bad patient outcome, yourself or your colleagues, do not jump to conclusions. There may be other factors, that you do not have knowledge of, which may have played a role.

When feedback is given, don't take it personally. Learn from the experience objectively and detach yourself from it. This way, you will learn more instead of getting offended and defensive about it.

To not get emotionally involved takes time. Give yourself time. Change the voice of the conversation in your head.

I am still learning.

A young doctor.

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