Sunday, January 5, 2020

Mnemonic for ocular axes and angles

This one is for the PGs. The 4 axes and 3 angles are pretty confusing to remember plainly. Here's how I do it.

1. Optical axis- Remember your optician/technician who handles refractions. Associate the image of that person with this axis. They aren't much concerned with core ophthalmology, hence, the axis plainly passes through the centers of the cornea and the lens, and ends on the nasal side of the fovea. 

2. Visual axis- Remember your HOD. Their job is to provide vision. Associate them with this axis. Thus, the axis passes through the fixation and the nodal points and ends at the fovea, where 'vision'  or the image is formed. 

3. Fixation axis- Remember the peon of the department. Most likely they're fixed with the department since it's inception. The axis travels from the fixation point to the centre of rotation  of the eyeball. I.e., the peon very well knows the gossips about the central offices of the college. 

3. Pupillary line- Now this one's a bit cheesy. Forgive me for that, but whatever helps the memory works for me lol. Remember that naughty undergraduate girl/ boy who gives residents the 'line', in other words, tries to flirt with them. Now, it lies 'superficially ' i.e., only till the pupil. 

Got it till here? Okay, now the 3 angles-

1. Angle alpha- The HOD is the alpha male/female of the department, and the next (pseudo) alpha is the technician. Hence it's the angle between the visual and the optical axes. 

2. Angle gamma- The technician and the peon interact frequently with each other, hence, it's the angle between the fixation and the optical axes. 

3. Angle kappa- Well no option apart from imagining the undergrad flirting with the technician 😛. Hence, this is the angle between the optical axis and the pupillary 'line'. 

 That's all! 

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