Sunday, January 5, 2020


4 hours ago, I was sitting in that not so comfy chair attempting that not so difficult exam that tests what I SHOULD know, not all the mesmerizing albeit volatile mutations and appearances I was taught in my coaching classes and never taught in my academic sessions. In all honesty of things, this is a fresh eye-opener to life, to why I chose this profession - THE PATIENT IS HIMSELF TELLING THE DIAGNOSIS.
Its a fun line of work if we really want to be active and deal with somebody's illness, solve it like a puzzle and mitigate the effects as well as possible.
We often get so lost in the business aspect of things that we forget that we by default are in a humanitarian profession that has got to do more with someone's suffering and well being than with their wallet and status. It has been a delightful revelation after today's exam that we need to spend more time with the patient and less with their case sheets. As a sum total of all our interactions, we hardly cross over an hour sometimes with those we are supposed to 'treat' and we expect to know what really ails them or what has compelled them to the hospital, which really isn't the first avenue to explore on a sane person's routine of things... It is a boon to be able to reduce some one's suffering and a superpower that we seldom use to its maximal capacity.
If only we could give more of our time to our patients and less of it to our girlfriends and our digital teachers I humbly suggest that papers like NEET would be an easier gamble considering the trend we are now experiencing and the kind of trickery that is being with languages and the new 'patterns'
I hope I see some more of my juniors with the patients than with their videos downloaded offline in the duty rooms.

Do share your feedback.

Kunal Roy

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