Monday, February 3, 2020

A compilation of similarities between corneal dystrophies

Many dystrophies have commonalities. Following are enumerated as under-

1. Associated with TGF Beta1 mutations-
       - Epithelial basement membrane dystrophy
       - Reis- Bückler's 
       - Thiel- Behnke 
       - Lattice and granular(type1) dystrophies

2. Associated with mutations on 5q31 locus-
         - Reis- Bückler's
         - Lattice and granular(types 1 and  2)

3. Autosomal recessive -
          - Gelatinous drop like
          - Congenital hereditary endothelial( type 2)

4. X linked- 
           - Lisch ( X linked dominant) 

-All others are autosomal dominant. 

5. Chromosome 12- Meesman's, congenital 
                                     hereditary stromal.

6. Chromosome 20- Posterior polymorphous, 
                                    congenital hereditary 

7. Chromosome 1- Gelatinous drop like,
                                   posterior polymorphous.

8. Amyloid deposition is seen in- 
                   - Gelatinous drop like
                   - Lattice
                   - Granular (type2) 
                   - Congenital hereditary endothelial.

9. Bowman's membrane is lost in- 
                   -Gelatinous drop like
                   - Reis-Bückler's (replaced by irregular
                   - Thiel-Behnke's ( replaced by a
                       fibrocellular layer)

10. Recurrence after keratoplasty-
                    -  Reis-Bückler's
                    -. Lattice, granular, and macular
                    - Schynder 
                     -  Congenital hereditary stromal.

11. Association with glaucoma and keratoconus-
                    - Posterior polymorphous
                    - Fuch's endothelial. 

Now don't blame me for the list being too exhaustive 🙄

Source- Postgraduate ophthalmology by Zia Chaudhari and M Vanathi 


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