Thursday, May 14, 2020

Apraxia vs autotopagnosia

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Here we will discuss two from many parietal lobe lesion.

Inability to carry out well organized voluntary movement correctly.
Despite motor, sensory & coordinated functions are not significantly impaired.

Ideomotor : It is a type of apraxia.
Patient performs the task but makes errors; there is a common tendency to substitute a body part for an object.
Abnormalities of perception of sensation despite normal sensory pathways.
Visual & body perception are impaired in parietal lobe lesions 

Agnosia of body scheme or autotopagnosia
Inability to locate, identify & orient one’s body parts.

Suppose while on rounds in neurology ward:- You see a patient brushing his knee early morning.(according to above discussion)

Apraxia -Patient has forgotten how to use toothbrush.Brushing knee as a toothbrush rather than pretending to hold one.
Autotopagnosia- the patient has forgotten the body part itself.

In either case localisation of lesion is PARIETAL LOBE.

Isn't the interpretation of one neurological sign seems interesting?
"Eyes see what mind knows"

Below is the link which is very descriptive and I came across it while reading more on this topic.
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