Friday, May 15, 2020

Pericardial knock v/s Pericardial rub


Pericardial knock:
- most common cause is constrictive pericarditis
- occurs during the healing phase of the disease (fibrocalcifications)
- during the early diastolic phase of cardiac cycle (after opening snap)
- On auscultation: high frequency sound

Pericardial rub:
- commonly seen in acute fibrinous or sero-fibrinous pericarditis
- sero-fibrinous exudate in between two layers of pericardium (disease process going on)
- may occur during ventricular systole, or ventricular early diastole (due to expansion) or late diastole (due to atrial contraction).
- on auscultation: rough scraping sound described as "leather rubbing against leather"

That's all
- Jaskunwar Singh

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