Monday, June 15, 2020

Plan your preparation

Hi Awesomites!

Let us begin with journey for upcoming NEET PG and AIIMS PG.
Today I will share with you the tips on "How to plan your preparation for NEET PG?"

"An hour of planning can save you from hours of doing nothing."

1.Google calendar or Print out of calendar   -->Get printable calender here
3.Blank paper

I) Google calendar:-

I started my preparation in March. I had schedule of the rotations beforehand.
Lesson 1:- "Do you have 9 months for Jan NEET PG ?"
It seems so we have months for prep but we have only days .
So make realistic plan by counting out the days you will be busy with TND and grand tests.
To see how your whole year going to look like make a virtual plan.
I color coded each event I had for the entire year.

Purple-The posting in the given month
Green-The days I am free
Blue-The test and discussion day
Orange-The test and discussion I missed
Red-Grand test
II) Take out print or write on paper specifying 19 subjects :-

After every Grand test I list out the topics I am weak at.
Lesson 2:- You are not weak at subject, you are weak at topics in that subject.

III) Stick to one resource.

IV) Make separate and single notebook for test and discussion . Do not add everything in notes in one go.

V) Take breaks.

VI) Do passive studying when you are exhausted .
- I recorded the nerve injuries and certain ADR of drugs in my phone and used to listen it whenever I was unable to carry notes.

- I used to call my friends and discuss the topic after we are done with targets for the day.

VII) Don't be hard on yourself.Give some time to things you love.

Hope this will help.

-Upasana Y.

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