Monday, June 15, 2020

MY IELTS Experience

  • Appeared on 19.03.20
  • Score = 8.0; Max = 8.5 on Speaking
  • Resources = IELTS Charlie + e2Cademy + IELTSAdvantage (all free)
  • Time = 07 days (inconsistent)
  • Writing - Practiced 3 -5 a day. Completed short essay in under 10 minutes and long essay in under 25 minutes. Spent the rest of the time trying to read the question repeatedly to ensure that I never went off topic
  • Listening - Practiced 3 a day
  • Speaking - 2 a day because I feel I am fluent. Use IELTS Charlie to learn some grammar. It helps. Familiarize yourself with topics that you feel you have NEVER read or don't have an idea of the global scenario about. STICK TO THE TOPIC.
  • Reading - practiced 4 in all. I didn't find that I have any difficulty in writing while I listen except for the occasional errors

If you're Just Starting Out 
  1. Make sure you have your resources compiled. I wasted a fair amount of time trying to assess what is best in the middle of my prep.
  2. Ensure that you know what you need to work on by listening to others who have appeared for the exam 
  3. Buzz me for queries and links to material.
  4. Read this -
  5. Realise that this is not a test of how proficient you are with the language, these are their standards to assess you because well.. somebody had to set some standards.
  6. Make sure you have a clear goal as to when you wish to appear for PLAB 1 (if you do wanna appear for it).
  7. You may appear for a pen and paper version or a computerised version. Play to your strengths. This is most important to know.
  8. Read the prospectus more than once. Their information tables are more than sufficient to help you avoid silly mistakes that reduce your band score.
Watch Out For
  1. The types of sentences you use in the written test.
  2. WORD LIMIT - Going over is good. Going under is just going under the bus,
  3. CONCENTRATION - Listening test audio will be played only once. Ensure that you focus. If you lose touch you may land into a 6.5 band score and goof up your chances of appearing for PLAB 1.
  4. OPINIONS - On both the speaking and writing tests, unless asked for state a fact rather than your opinion.

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