Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Documentation and prescription for home oxygen

This post is only relevant to practicing physicians/ residents.
If you are prescribing home oxygen to a patient in the clinic or in the hospital, make sure you document all of this in your prescription:

• Detailed description of Modalities and delivery devices item(s): Nasal cannula / Non-re-breather
• O2 Flow Rate and FiO2
• Estimated frequency and duration of use (e.g., 2L/minute, 10 minutes/Hour, 12 Hours/Day) and
• Duration of need (e.g., 6 Months, 12 Months, 99 Months/Lifetime).

Make sure you put the appropriate diagnoses: COPD / Bronchiectasis / Hypoxemia / Diffuse interstitial lung disease / Cystic fibrosis / Pulmonary neoplasm / Erythrocytosis / Pulmonary hypertension / Recurring CHF d/t Cor Pulmonale

Length of need: (months) (99 = lifetime) 
Peak Flow rate: / (LPM/oxygen %)
Avg. Flow rate: / (LPM/oxygen %)

Frequency of use: At rest and awake / During exertion / During sleep

Target O2 Sat: % or range % to %

Frequency of O2 Sat monitoring: Q hrs. At rest and awake / During exertion / During sleep

Also, make sure you document spO2 (at rest and at exertion) during your encounter with the patient.

Prescribe a pulse oximeter to your patient if they are able to use it.


Source: CMS website

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