Sunday, August 2, 2020

Technique of Breastfeeding

Hello friends!
On the International Breastfeeding Week, I am sharing the proper technique for Breastfeeding. 
Must know methods for everyone.

Techniques of Breastfeeding 
Breastfeeding is nature's precious gift for  infants. Breastfeeding is advised because human milk is species-specific nourishment for the baby, produces optimum growth and development and provides substantial protection from illness. Lactation is beneficial to mother's health and biologically supports a special MOTHER-BABY relationship.

But most of breastfeeding problems are caused by poor attachment of the baby to the breast. Thus,it is very important to learn how to feed the baby with correct position and attachment.

Support mother's body as support back well and use pillow, cushion or footstool to provide comfort. Before breastfeeding, every mother should wash hands. 
The correct way to support baby -
1.In sitting position 
a) Cradle hold-
Hold the baby horizontally facing mother. When nursing from the right breast,use the right arm to rest on the forearm, baby's back supports on same forearm and holds  baby's bottom with hand. Support the breast with the left hand. 
b) Transition hold (cross over hold)
When nursing from right breast, use the left arm to hold the baby. Support baby back with left forearm, while placing the thumb and fingers at the base of baby's head below ears of baby. Support the breast with right hand. 
c) Football hold
Hold the baby under mother's arm and let baby face towards the breast. Support the baby with pillow underneath. Hold the baby close the mother with nose pointing to the nipple ,use the forearm to support baby back and neck and the hand to hold the baby head. This position is suitable for mother who have had Caesarean  section. Since, mother does not put pressure on the abdomen. 

2.Inside lying hold 
Baby and mother lying on their sides facing each other. The mother should be relax. The baby needs to well supported and secure as tuck a rolled up towel or small pillow firmly behind baby'back to keep in position. Adjust the baby's distance from the lower breast by placing a folded blanket under baby's head. To assist with latch on use the opposite hand to support the breast(right hand for left breast vice-versa) 
Getting baby latch on to the breast -support the base of baby's head. Baby's head slightly extended, so that the nipple is aimed at the roof of the baby's mouth. Lightly touch the baby's lip with the nipple  and wait till baby opens his/her mouth wide. Bring baby to mother's breast.Not mother breast to the baby. 

Signs of good attachment-baby open his/her mouth wide with lips flanged out ,more areola is seen above the baby's lip then below baby's chin is pressed onto breast. 
Breastfeeding should not hurt, if mother keeps a finger into the corner of baby's mouth to break the suction and gently take baby off mother's breast.

Shashikala Kumari
2nd year MBBS
GMC Bettiah

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