Monday, August 3, 2020

Breastfeeding: An Emotion

What can be so pure and good for a newly born baby. The first food of the baby is breast milk or mother’s milk. It is the only food the baby can consume. It's not only only a physical process but an emotional and mental process also. Mother and her child goes through an emotional and hormonal change during the process which is beyond the scope of science to feel it.This helps baby to grow and get nourishment.
Health professionals recommend that breastfeeding must begin within the first hour of a baby's life and continue as often and as much as the baby wants. During the first few weeks of life babies may nurse roughly every two to three hours, and the duration of feeding is usually ten to fifteen minutes on each breast. Older children feed less often. There are multiple advantages of breast-feeding to the child and to the mother also.

1) Nutritional superiority - Breast milk contains all kind of nutrients required for a baby's proper mental and physical growth.                     
a) Carbohydrates -  Lactose is present in the breast milk they help in growth of lacto bacilli in the intestine and also help absorption of calcium. Galactose found in the milk help in formation of galactocerebrosides. 
b) Fats - Breast milk contains omega 2&6 fatty acids which are necessary for synthsis of cholesterol and prostaglandins. The PUFA content of milk help in mylination of nerve fibers. It also contains DEHA, which help in brain and retina formation. 
c) Protein - The protein present in the milk are easily digested. These proteins help in neuromodulation and neuro transmission. 
d) Water -  Breast milk contains enough water and electrolytes in them to fully satisfy baby's need. 
e) Vitamins -  The vitamins present in the milk is sufficient for babies first 6 month of life. 

2)Immunological Benefits -  Breast milk contains a number of Immunological benificial factors which help baby in their protection against diseases. 
. PABA = It protect against malaria. 
. Lactoferrin = It protects against E.Coli
. Lipases = It protects against Intestinal pathogens
. It also contains Lactglobulins, Lysozyme, Lactalbumin and Immunoglobulin mainly IgA. 
3) Mental Growth = Studies have shown that breast feed babies have higher IQ and and are more attached to mother that who recieve other form of milk. 

4) Protection against allergies = Babies are highly exposed to risk of allergies due to their low immunity which is supplement by the immunity gained from mother’s milk. 

5) Benefits to Mother = Breast-feeding soon after delivery helps in involution of uterus and prevent postpartum haemorrhage. Breast feeding also reduces the chance of ovarian and breast carcinoma. It also help mother in preventing pregnancy for next 6 months. It also help mothers by helping them to loose extra weight that is gained during pregnancy. 
Thus Breast-feeding is a convenient and best way of raising a healthy baby. It helps to build a special and beautiful relation between a mother and her baby.  

Thank you
Sneha Kashyap
2nd year MBBS

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  1. Greatly represented the unmeasurable
    bond between a baby and mother by your article...


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