Friday, October 9, 2020

Shingles vaccine

What do we know about the Shingrix Vaccine?

This vaccine is recommended for patients over the age of 50 years. It is a live attenuated vaccine. It is a
recombinant vaccine containing the glycoprotein E named RZV or Shingrix. Two doses are
required 2-6 months apart and can be safely given with influenza (flu) vaccine. History of chickenpox or varicella zoster doesn’t determine whether to give the vaccine or not because antibodies gained through the infection wanes with time.

This vaccine is preferred more over the older vaccine because it’s more efficacious (90-95
percent) reduction in preventing shingles vs placebo, although long-term studies have not been done but the antibodies last up to 9 years for limited candidates that have been studied.

The older live attenuated vaccine ZVL or Zostavax is also still there and is given in other
countries. It has the efficacy of 50 percent vs placebo and antibodies remain unchanged for 5 years but drastically drop after 8 years.

Written by Tasneem Adenwala

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