Saturday, January 30, 2021

OET Listening

OET Experience

Listening : (45 mins)

Listening test will be for around 45mins and has three parts,each part more difficult than the one before.The extracts are either monologues or conversations and are related to healthcare workplaces.

Part-A(24 Qs)

Part-A has two workplace conversations each with 12 blanks to fill while following the conversation. Conversations are usually between a doctor and a patient(history-taking). Each conversation starts after a 30sec interval to read the 12 questions.

Part-B(6 Qs)

Part-B has 6 short random extracts from medical workplaces (monologues).Each extract is played one after the other while we shade in the correct option out of three. This is to test whether we can understand the gist of the conversation.

Part-C(12 Qs)

This needs your multitasking skills. It has two monologues from a doctor(Medicine Test) each with 6 Mcqs with four choices. 90secs are given to first read the 6 Mcqs and once the conversation starts we have to shade the right choice while following the talk. This is the hardest part in listening. But, dont worry, with some practice this can be mastered.

At the end of Part-C two minutes will be allotted to check the answers. Minor spelling mistakes with intact meaning will not penalised in Part-A!Although OET hasn't provided the number of questions to get right, under ten mistakes in listening test will get you a Grade-B(7-7.5 in IELTS).

Listening is the easiest part of the test and can be easily scored with some practice. You can find some sample tests at Oet official website as a starter.

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