Saturday, January 30, 2021

OET Reading

Reading: (60mins)

Reading test has 3 parts where Part-A is for 15 mins and 45 mins is for Part-B,Part-C combined. All articles are related to healthcare scenarios.

Part-A(20 Qs)(15 mins)

It has an article divided into four sections which tests skimming and scanning skills. We need to identify the section from which the question was asked and write the section name(1-7Qs) or fill the blanks with a word or short phrase(8-20Qs).After 15mins the booklet must be returned to the examiner and no extra time will be provided.

Part-B:(6 Qs)(Part B+C:45 mins)

It consists of six random workplace extracts along with Mcqs. Extracts are usually manuals, emails, instructions related to workplace. We need to understand the gist of the extract and shade the correct option out of three. Each extract should take no more than 2mins.

Part-C(16 Qs)

Two long texts(~700words) each with 8 Mcqs are given. Understanding author's overall opinion,mood and meaning of each paragraph is necessary to answer the Mcqs. Each Mcq corresponds to paragraph in a sequential order. This is the good thing about Part-C. You know where the answer is going to be ,and you need to understand that paragraph's meaning. These long texts take the most time so it is advised to save some time from Part-B which should take no more than 10mins.

No extra time is provided to fill in the answers for any of the reading parts. Although OET hasn't provided the number of questions to get right, under ten mistakes in reading test will get you a Grade-B(7-7.5 in IELTS). Reading Part-A though easy, is little tricky in terms of time. So,practice as if you are in a real test and try not to lose a mark in this part. As a starter you can find some sample tests at OET Official Website.

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