Wednesday, April 21, 2021


• In emergency lifesaving conditions, blood is issued without replacement after recommendation from treating doctor/ authorized person. 

• For high risk patients, attendants are told to arrange blood in advance. 

Prior to requesting the transport of blood products, ensure: 
• The physician orders for transfusion have been documented. 
• Informed consent has been obtained. 
• Blood is received from established blood banks only against a requisition form along with the sample for grouping and cross-matching, duly signed by the medical staff. 
• Staff nurse/attendant collects blood components from blood storage, transports blood component in insulated container to location and delivers it to nurse in charge. 
• Inspect for abnormal color, cloudiness, clots and excess air. 
• Check with compatibility slip to ensure that the following information on the unit of blood is same as that on the blood compatibility: 
✓ Blood unit number 
✓ Collection Date 
✓ Expiry Date 
✓ ABO blood group and Rh group 
✓ Patient's name matching with the requisition slip /case file 
✓ No. of units supplied 

• Blood is warmed

• The patient has an IV line (usually a pink one) established with saline. (First take an IV set. Seal open one port in blood bag. Put one end of IV set in bag. Remove the air from the tube by filling with blood and then administer.)

✓ For Adults: Start with 1mL/min. If no  reaction, increase to 4mL/min after 15 min. 

✓ For Pediatric transfusion: Advice  taken from treating physician.

• Take 3-4 readings of HR, BP, RR and Temperature (preferably every 15 min) for monitoring for the Blood Transfusion reactions. 

• If anything abnormal happens, Immediately stop the transfusion and call a senior. 

• Blood and blood bags are discarded as per BMW policies.

Written by our guest author Ayushi Gupta
Illustrations by Anveshi Nayan

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