Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Indian Intern

Hi! 🤠
While doing procedures as interns, it is difficult to look for concise sources to know how-best-to-do-it.
With the time constraints some details may be missed.

So, we, students of 2016 batch Seth GSMC and KEM Hospital, Mumbai, India have tried to compile information regarding such procedures (both basic and some that we may get a chance to perform).
Reliable sources and tips from our seniors and resident doctors have been used.

With limited resources in India, we can definitely do with a Freakshake🥤 of practical hacks and standard procedures😉🙃

PS: This is meant to COMPLEMENT, and not REPLACE practical skills to improve patient care

From continued efforts of 

Anveshi Nayan (CNS)

Ayushi Gupta (CVS)

Devi Bavishi (MSK)

Here is a list of all the procedure with their links, so you can directly access them from here.

Bookmark this page and Happy learning :)!


  1. Venepuncture
  2. Arterial puncture
  3. IV cannulation and IV infusion
  4. Nasogastric tube insertion
  5. Injection techniques
  6. Nasopharyngeal and Throat swab collection
  7. Wound swab collection
  8. Urinary Catheterization

  1. Central Venous catherisation
  2. Ascitic paracentesis
  3. Thoracocentesis
  4. Lumbar Puncture

  1. Steps common to all minor procedures
  2. Basic principles of bandaging
  3. AK Stump Bandaging
  4. BK Stump bandaging
  5. Head bandaging
  6. Magnesium sulfate and glycerine dressing
  7. Management of Cut and Lacerated Wound (CLW)
  8. Debridement
  9. Maggot removal
  10. Corn removal
  11. Lipoma excision
  12. Excision of Sebaceous cyst
  13. Incision and Drainage
  14. Suturing techniques
  15. Suture and stapler removal
  16. Surgical scrubbing
  17. ICD insertion
  18. Toe nail removal
  19. Preoperative surgical patient preparation

  1. Distal radius fracture reduction
  2. Slab application
  3. Plaster removal
  4. Trigger finger
  5. Reduction of anterior dislocation of shoulder

  1. CPR
  2. Spinal anesthesia
  3. Endotracheal intubation
  4. Subcutaneous (local) anesthesia

  1. Normal Labor
  2. Pap smear
  3. Cardiotocography
  4. Contraception - CopperT


  1. Mantoux test 
  2. Nebulization


  1. Blood donation
  2. Blood product transfusion


  1. Schirmer's test
  2. Automated perimetry
  3. Lacrimal sac syringing
  4. Tonometry


  1. Ear syringing


  1. Medicolegal Case


  1. Skin tag removal
  2. Skin biopsy


  1. A really wonderful initiative. Eagerly waiting for more 😇😁

  2. Thank you so much sir!🤗 Will keep updating it as we learn more and will include little details that are new to us as interns during my internship!


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