Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Lipoma Excision

Lipoma Excision
Written Informed Consent, Sterile gauze pieces, Povidone-iodine, Ethanol, sterile plastic drape, Syringe with needle with local anaesthesia, Scalpel with no.15 blade, Artery forceps, Needle holder, toothed forceps, Babcock forceps, suture, Dressing material 

• The skin is cleansed with povidone-iodine followed by spirit (or any alternate disinfectant) and the site is draped by a sterile plastic drape and a window is made in it.
• Local anaesthesia is obtained with 2% lidocaine with or without epinephrine. 

• Linear incision along Langer's line (vertically on the limbs and horizontally on the trunk) is performed with no. 15 blade until lipoma is visualized. 

• Artery is used to bluntly dissect around the lipoma to break all soft tissue connections (under and around it).

• Most lipomas require minimal dissection. Some chronic and multi-lobulated ones may require dissection. 

• Once separated, lipoma is expressed by digital pressure to the edges of the mass. Lipoma 'pops' out. 
• Babcock forceps may be used to provide traction to facilitate its removal. 

• Incision closed with simple interrupted sutures. 

• It is cleaned and sterile dressing is applied. 

• Advice to patient: Keep the wound dry. Alternate day dressing. Analgesics to be taken SOS. Antibiotics and Tetanus immunization when indicated. 

• Send the specimen for histopathological examination. 

Incisions should be made with the belly of blade. 

Written by our guest authors - Shrishti Patil and Anveshi Nayan
Illustrations by Anveshi Nayan

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