Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Mantoux test

 Mantoux Test

Cotton, spirit, 26G needle, Tuberculin syringe, PPD-RT with Tween-80, scale 

 ▪ Select the preferred site of injection
- Non-dominant hand forearm, flexor surface (but can be given on either side) - 4 inches below elbow joint. 

▪ Ensure adequate lighting

▪ Select healthy skin which is free from intracath &/or injectable drug administration or any test dose, hairs, veins, sores, scars

▪ Take all aseptic precautions

▪ With the help of 26G needle, draw 0.1 ml of 5 TU PPD-RT with Tween-80 solution, without trapping any air bubble (for that don't vigorously shake the vial)

▪ Inject the PPD intra- dermally on volar of forearm. Position the syringe at 10-15 degrees to the forearm and insert just below the epidermis

▪ An elevation of the skin (a wheel) 6 to 10 mm in diameter should be produced. (If not produced, repeat the injection, on the other forearm or 2 inches away from the original site on the same forearm) 

▪ Patient should be instructed to keep the test site clean, uncovered, not to scratch the area or rub the area.

▪ Record the time and date of administration of test

▪ The test should be read between 48-72 hours after administration
▪ For this, measurement of induration horizontally across the arm is measured by drawing a line over it using a pen

▪ Exact measurement of the induration in millimetres(mm) should be measured. Erythema should not be measured

Written by our guest author Manpreet Kaur
Illustration by Anveshi Nayan

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