Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Toe-nail removal

 Toe nail removal

1. The patient is placed in the supine position, with the knees flexed (foot flat on the table) or extended (foot hanging off the end of the table). The physician wears sterile gloves. 

 2. The toe is prepped with povidone-iodine solution followed by spirit

 3. A standard digital block is performed with 1 percent lidocaine (without epinephrine), using a 5 mL syringe and a 22-24 G needle. About 2 to 3 mL of lidocaine on each side of the toe is usually sufficient for adequate anesthesia. Wait for some time allows the block to become effective
4. After checking the effect of anesthesia, slide one tip of an open artery forceps between the nail plate and the underlying nail bed (till the base of the nail plate). Grasp the nail firmly between the jaws of the artery forceps and clamp the artery forceps. 

 5. Gently rotate the artery forceps along its long axis 360 degrees, removing the nail in the process

 6. Clean the nail-bed and apply antiseptic sterile dressings

7. Any infection or abscess of nail bed should be cleaned or drained

VIDEO LINK: (**The separation of nail may be done as shown in video by cuticle separator, but is usually not done so here) 

Written by our guest author Varun Bansal
Illustrations by Anveshi Nayan

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