Sunday, April 18, 2021




Nebulization can be delivered by a face mask or a mouth-piece. 


  • Take all the aseptic precautions. 

  • Clean the mask with spirit. 


  • Add the measured amount of drug into medicine cup/ mixing chamber. 

(In neonates we usually give hypertonic saline for nebulization) 

  • Setup all the connections i.e:  

  1. Mask with the mixing chamber/ medicine cup 

  2. One end of air tube to outlet of the machine/ pipe 

  3. The other end of air tube with mixing chamber and mask 



  • Switch on the machine. 

  • Look whether fine mist is coming out through the mask. 

  • Place child in comfortable position (Head Upright), or in Mothers lap.

  • Put the mask to the face of child covering nose and mouth adequately. 

    Instruct the child to breathe in and out comfortably. 


  • Continue nebulization until fine mist is no longer present. 

  • Instruct the child to gargle or rinsing of mouth. 

  • Clean the machine after use with spirit and place it back in sterile/ clean pack. 



Written by our guest author: Manpreet Kaur
Illustrations by Anveshi Nayan


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