Sunday, October 22, 2023

Mnemonic | Congenital and Acquired causes of Conductive hearing loss

Some of the causes of Congenital and acquired conductive hearing loss can be remembered with this mnemonic

Think about a Calf being given birth by (obviously😂) a cow. So she just got mom for the first time (ft)  

So here it is the mnemonic just heard
Congenital causes of conductive hearing loss


C = Cholesteatoma
A = Atresia ( of meatus )
F = fixation of malleable head, footplate of stapes a ossivular discontinuity 

Now the Acquired causes of conductive hearing loss

M = Membrane (tympanic) perforation 
O = ossicles fixation or discontinuity 
M = Mass in middle ear
F = Fluid in the middle ear
T = Tubal Blockage ( eustachian tube )

You can add in them further the examples in the causes I listed here. 
I hope it works again for you people
In Sha Allah!
Thank you👻

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