Monday, October 23, 2023

Mnemonic | Average Hearing loss in Different Ear lesions

The mnemonic was quite difficult in its genesis. 

But here it is:

Complete obstruction of Ear canal = 3ar (flip the E to 3) = 30dB loss

Perforation of tympanic membrane = perFORation = 40 = 10 - 40dB

Malleolar fixation = malle01ar = 10 = 10 - 25dB

Ossicular interruption with intact drum = 54dB (couldn't make for it 🥲)

Ossicular interruption with perforated drum = among all numbers from 1 - 10 which digit is most perforated? ( I mean having more holes)
The answer is 8 and vertical half of 8 is 3 so 38dB

Closure of oval Window = thats the last resort of conductive hearing loss and max hearing loss possible in conductive hearing loss is 60dB never above it. So no mnemonic for it. 

If you have any better than this pet me know in the comments 
I hope it works for you
In Sha Allah!
Thank you❤

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