Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Mnemonic | Morphology of Membranous Nephropathy |

Morphologies are always very difficult, atleast for me and my colleagues 😥

so I have made a mnemonic for the membranous nephropathy morphology:
I will try to keep it simple and make the name of the disease a major hint for the morphology:

4 things will get evident from the name of the disease:

1.  Word membranous indicates towards basement membrane of capillaries of glomerulus, and what can happen to it in inflammation or disease?
mostly thickening of basement membrane of capillaries

2.  M stands for Mehrab (the place where Muslim religious leader of stands to lead the prayer) - picture is shown below

took this image from alamy website (and these pictures are downloadable from there without any consent)

so the leader stands in it and it appears like dome if seen from outside = dome and spike pattern 

3.   next comes the dome again,  as I described the dome appearance from outside of this mehrab so if I imagine that dome being the outside of capillaries which will blink in mind the point of 
sub epithelial deposits 
(as epithelium is on the outside of capillaries in glomerulus)
4.  remaining morphology is same as in other nephrotic syndromes (effacement of podocytes, etc.)

I know it has got long but to remember morphologies and then forgetting is worst than understanding this mnemonic and keeping the memory long enough atleast till final exam. lol 😂

I hope it works again for you like my other mnemonics
In Sha Allah!
Thank you 💓

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