Monday, October 23, 2023

Perinatal Causes of Hearing loss | Mnemonic

 Imagine a situation in which an immature baby is to be born to a mother, so baby will be of low birth weight, and since there is birth going on early so there maybe a problem of anoxia due to prolonged labour, in this situation obstetrician will try to operate and get baby out quickly, so a chance of birth injury is there, birth injury may lead to meningitis, that may end up in sepsis, and for that we will need drugs and admission in NICU to handle the situation. 

So after keeping this type of perinatal situation in mind, you can keep some of the preniatal causes of heading loss 

  1. Immaturity and low birth weight
  2. Anoxic
  3. Birth injury
  4. Neonatal meningitis 
  5. Sepsis
  6. Time spent in NICU
  7. Ototoxic drug
  8. Neonatal jaundice (not in the mnemonic)
I hope it works for you all again like always
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