About Medicowesome

I think of Medicowesome as a display of notes, thoughts and study material put up by my scatterbrain =D

Hello everyone!
The "About" page... Honestly, I have no idea where to begin! ^_^"

I'll start with... Why do I blog?

Because when I have questions, doubts... I Google to find answers before I ask someone or look into a book.

Because when I learn something new... I like to share it with everyone around me.

Because when I understand something I was unsure of before... I jump in joy and I feel eternally grateful to the person who explained the concept to me.

Because when someone tells me that I helped them learn... I just love it! ♥

The blog is me contributing a little to the ocean of knowledge out there, trying to make it easier for others like those who have selflessly done the same for me!

Why Medicowesome?
"There is no charge for awesomeness... or attractiveness." -Po (Kung Fu Panda)

I just had to merge medicine and awesomeness and this blog is for awesome medicos, after all!
This is how the word "Medicowesome" was born xP

For the logo, I represented the brain with it's a functional unit - the neuron. I replaced the axon with a pencil. You can read more about the story behind the logo, the title and how we evolved, here!

Can you contribute too?
Yes, of course. You can write for Medicowesome and share your awesomeness with everyone around the world! We'll post as a submission. If you want to become a permanent author, email me. The spot is always available.

E-mail anything you like to: medicowesome@gmail.com

That's all! :D

 -IkaN :)


  1. Stumbled onto your page by (fortunate) accident. Hats off to you dear for the wonderful work and great effort. Sharing knowledge is the secret to gaining it. Keep up the good work. Will return.......

  2. step into your blog when searching chocolate agar... which appear in my messy microbiology notes.
    thanks guy!

    A student from Hong Kong:)

    1. Aw.. You're welcome! =D
      Love love to see students from foreign countries <3

  3. Hey..You're Awesome.. Really Helpful..:)
    -A Medical Student Too..Well,Consider me as a Fan..!!
    N B4 U Blush Too much...I'm an XX too.

    1. Adding to that..:P...God Bless you.. You're Doing A Great Job..!!

    2. Haha thank you.. I am blushing ^///^
      (You never know when a xx can fall for a xx =P )

    3. Thank you so much for the blessings and compliments <3

    4. You Page is Amazing!!! Thanks for Sharing :)

  4. Loved the Broca/Wernicke mnemonic. Just what I needed!

  5. it was the fourth result in google when I was looking for Acidification of urine


    nice work and thanks for all your contributions to enhance the human raise :)

  6. hey.. firstly i want to thank you for helping us,i am so so so grateful for all these mnemonics. I want to ask you how to get all these mnemonics at one place,i mean i know you have made different folders for different chapters but there are many new posts that are not in those folders of chapters and it is difficult to sort a topic from the newer post..can you help with this please?

  7. I'll update them asap for you, sorry for the inconvenience!

    I wish I wasn't so lazy in doing the contents page *sigh*

  8. found ur blog while searching the clotting mechanism easy to remember...u have done a awsome work...seriously frm whr u found that all...lovely writing IkaN....keep the good work going....
    Ur a true genius...

    my MD peds exams are from 4th april will be back on 10th april for my piece of contribution on the blog...really will like to write in ur study group index!...

  9. Thank you so much, Dr. Akshay!

    All the best for your exams. Hope you rock it!
    We'll be waiting for you to join the study group. Thanks for contributing your awesomeness to us :D

  10. Wow! I also stumbled up on this beauty just looking at the personally confusing topic on chocolate and blood agar. I am so glad I found it!!!

    Big up yourself !!! From: A med student in Jamaica

    1. Thank you so much :)
      I am glad you found it helpful!

      PS: I had to Google Big up yourself. Urban dictionary calls it a Jamaican greeting! ^__^

  11. Excellent contribution...This blog is helping me & my friends a lot!!! Thank you so much - Student of Andhra medical college , Vizag

  12. Hey! Loved the blog! I'm doing MBBS from India. Can you please put up a post about books preferable to study from in MBBS 2nd year. I'm in a college from mahashtra university (just felt like mentioning...)

    1. Here you go! http://medicowesome.blogspot.in/2015/06/which-books-to-read-for-second-year-mbbs.html

    2. Oh and thank you for the compliments, fellow MUHS companion :)

  13. U doing superb job. Great going. Thank u for d mnemonic on coagulation factors. :)


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