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Study group discussions aren't posts written by me, but stuff discussed in Medicowesome study groups (On Whatsapp). They are a beautiful mix of individual experiences, viva questions, review questions, etc. I have just edited them to a more readable format.

Anyway, the study group discussions are too many and someone requested them to be separated from posts written by me from the contents page. So we're separating our posts from study group posts written by more than 800 people, indirectly xD

Enjoy browsing through them!


This page was last updated on: 15th May, 2016

- Ophthalmology

- Bacteriology
- Parasitology
- Virology

Pathophysiology and Medicine

- Cardiac and vascular pathophysiology
Why does ingestion of salt cause high blood pressure?
JVP during inspiration
Holiday heart syndrome and Atrial fibrillation
Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) and increased QRS interval
Short PR interval causes
Cardiac shunts and snowman sign
Eisenmenger's syndrome
ECG in MI, potassium abnormalities, infectious diseases, pericarditis
Myocardial infarction markers  
- Pulmonology (Respiratory)
- Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary system (Abdomen)
- Hematology (Blood) and oncology
- Nephrology (Renal)
- Endocrine
- Neurology (CNS)
Babinski sign
Hydrocephalus ex vacuo, normal pressure hydrocephalus and cortical atrophy 
- Other
How to study pharmacology (Most requested post ever)
- Cardiac, vascular, hematological and renal pharmacology (CVS)
- Antimicrobial pharmacology
- Central nervous system pharmacology (CNS)
- Endocrine


Gastrointestinal system

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Community medicine (Preventive and social medicine)
- Behavioural science (Psychiatry)
From the author's diary
Study group
Study group experience #17
Study group experience #18


  1. hi ikan.
    read abt u and ur awesome medical info..its simply amazing or i shud say u r a genious.. glad to read and come across this awesome blog spot.
    i really need ur help here
    i too am a medical student and i am asked to do a research work on any topic tht shud give a literature review followed by an analysis to answer a question within the topic.
    now i am really confused i really need u to give me some examples..
    i am much interested in endocrinology, so cud it b diabetes or thyroid.. yes i am actually asking u a qn here :-) without the qn mrks -.-
    ha ha so plz it wud b very generous of u to give me a good topic =D.. i know its my work but m all lost :(
    i mainly need to know what qn do i need to answer within the topic " diabetes "
    may b i didnt get the actual meaning behind it.. so if u cud make it a little simple for me.. tht wud jus save my life
    thank you
    awaiting ur response..
    <3 - ikan fan ;)

    1. Hey!

      Thank you so much for all the compliments =)

      You could try these research topics:
      What is the prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism in teenagers? (This would involve simple questionnaire + blood test.)
      Is diabetes linked to depression? (This would be based on a questionnaire to screen depression in diabetic patients)

      Just try to find an association or count of people with two conditions. These are very simple research topics.

      More complex topics:
      Is. dementia associated with hypoglycemia?
      Does myopia have a protective effect on diabetic retinopathy?
      Is vitamin D contributory to symptomatic neuropathy?

      Hope it helps you, love.

    2. Ika:
      "Paediatrics" is spelled incorrectly in the heading of the study group section (UK spelling Paediatrics, as opposed to US "Pediatrics" Spelling) NOT "Peadiatrics" in any case

  2. Hey
    Can yu please help me too. Was searching the web to get some idea for a paper work on hypertension.
    Please can yu suggest me some good topics for the research work.
    Like hypertension and people at work. Or something thats more common in today's world.
    I am a third year medical student.. my name is gauri.

    1. Lifestyle interventions for hypertension
      Factors influencing blood pressure levels
      Salutary cardiovascular effects of antidiabetic drugs
      Smoking and hypertension




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