Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fournier's gangrene mnemonic

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

I make lists of words so that I remember about them (Especially, for theory exams!)

Here's a list:

F: Fournier's gangrene
Fulminant infection

O: Obliterative endarteritis

U: Vascular gangrene

R: Renal function needs to be assessed

N: Normal testis

I: Infective origin

E: Excision of slough required 

E coli is causative

R: Raised temperature (fever), toxicity and pain in scrotum are signs

S: Scrotal skin and subcutaneous tissues affected
Streptococci are causative (Hemolytic streptococci, microaerophilic streptococci)
Skin grafting required after wound granulates

That's all!

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