Sunday, November 30, 2014

Risk factors for carcinoma stomach mnemonic

Hey guys!
This is one of those "Make sure you write this" checklists I make.
Giving theory exams at the moment so I have that mindset xD

Anyway, the mnemonic is, "STOMACH"

S: Smoking
Smoked salmon
Syndromes: Li fraumen syndrome, HNPCC

T: Talc

O: Obesity

M: Menetrier's disease

A: Agammaglobulinaemia
Anemia (Pernicious anemia)
blood group A

C: Cadherin mutation
Correa cycle
Chronic gastritis
Chronic ulcer.

H: H pylori infection
High salt diet 
Diet rich in nitrosamines (Couldn't fit this anywhere T_T)

That's all!
Hope you're feeling rich today :)


  1. Alcohol is not a risk factor for ca stomach.....

  2. No...Alcohol is definitely a risk factor for Stomach cancer



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