Saturday, January 31, 2015

Study group discussion: Hybridoma technology

Something about immunology?

What about immunology?

I love immunology. Have a separate immunology comics blog, as you probably know :D

Can you provide the link for the immunology comics blog?

I thought you guys knew.


Hybridoma technology. I wanna know about that!

I'll have to read those up. Anyone in the group has an idea on those?

Hybridoma technology. Never knew of this. I'm reading into now. Cool stuff.

Let us know a short summary once you're done!

Yeah sure. I'll try.

If anyone can better explain please feel free.

This is regards to the question of Hybridomas.

Hybridomas are cells that have been specialized to produce a specific antibody in large amounts. Made by exposing the test subject (animal) to an antigen to which your insterested in isolating a antibody against.

Once the animals splenocytes are isolated, the B cells and immortalized myeloma cells are fused.

The new product is incubated in HAT (Hypoxanthine, Aminopetrin, Thymidine) medium. The medium is specialized to allow only the hybrids to survive.

The dilution process and the disired antibody production is then checked.

What ever cells are not producing the antibody they're removed and over a course of weeks the status of the subject is checked.

Oh I remember! We were taught this is first year!

Theres alot more. As far as I got :-/

Ohh thank you.

Glad I could help. Interesting read.

Yo it's really nice of you!

My pleasure.

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