Monday, March 2, 2015

Study group discussion: Pressure and volume reservoir in the human body

Why arteries are labelled as pressure resevoir?

All artery..especially, arterioles are the main site of pressure regulation.
Veins on the other hand are called capacitance. They store at a time 60% of the total blood volume.
Therefore arterioles regulate the pressure.  On the other, hand..Veins monitor the volume of blood reaching the heart

I think that is true.
And vein also called main blood resevoir.

I found out a good explanation on - Why arteries are known as pressure reservoirs?

Arteries also contain an elastic layer in their walls. Elastin is a protein fiber that has elastic qualities. During systole, large arteries distend with blood as their elastic walls stretch. During diastole, the walls rebound, thus pushing blood along. In this way the arteries act as a pressure reservoir that maintains a constant flow of blood through the capillaries despite pressure fluctuation during the cardiac cycle.

Veins on the other hand, are known as blood reservoirs.

Veins are larger and more compliant (stretchable) than arteries, thus they can hold more blood. In fact, the veins act somewhat like a blood reservoir, containing 60% of the total blood volume at rest.

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