Wednesday, May 25, 2016

ICE syndrome mnemonic

A short post of mnemonics on one of the coolest syndrome of the eyes.....

The great  "Irido-Corneal Endothelial Syndrome": (ICE-SPICE-HUB) :D

ICE syndrome has 3 variants (ICE):
          • Iris Nevus
          • Chandler Syndrome
          • Essential/Progressive Iris Atrophy

Clinical features (SPICE):
          • Secondary angle-closure glaucoma
          • Peripheral Anterior Synechiae
          • Increased intra-ocular pressure
         • Corneal Edema
         • Epithelial-like cells (ICE-cells)
》Corneal changes (HUB):
         • "Hammered silver" appearance
         • Corneal Ulcer
         • "Beaten Bronze" appearance.

That's all!

Happy, awesomites!!! :)

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