Sunday, January 8, 2017

Extra Ocular Muscles Insertion : Mnemonic

Hello everyone ! I hope you'll have been enjoying the Top 10 Series that we've started. This is a short post on the insertion of Extra ocular muscles in the eye.
So there are 4 Extra Ocular muscles whose insertion on the sclera we need to be aware of ( in terms of distance from the Limbus). The Recti.
Remember :
I'M Low Standard
I = Inferior Rectus. 5.5
M = Medial Rectus 6.6 (or 6.5 but just remember 6.6 for easiness)
L = Lateral Rectus  6.9 (Loser)
S = Superior Rectus 7.7
So basically it starts with 5.5 , 6.6, 6.9 and finally 7.7.
3 of these are the same number repeated (5.5 , 6.6 and 7.7) but LR is a loser. Hence it does not follow the rule and is a badass hence does a 69. :p
Hope this helped !
Thank you.
Happy studying!

1 comment:

  1. this is a wrong mnemonic as inferior rectus is 6.5 mm and MR IS 5.5 mm behind limbus.


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